Pastoral Staff

Mike Bass, Senior Pastor
Mike Kimbrell
Dante Poole
Geoff Abbuhl
Randy Henderson

Vision Council

Keith Kappel, Council Chair
Brenda Kappel
Chantal Abbuhl
Ronn Ohl
Julie Ohl
Melissa Lee
April Sadtler
H. Lee Boyd

Sunday morning’s at 10:00 are a time for the community to gather as one – unity in diversity. There is always worship, usually in the form of music, but always in differing expressions (hymns, praise & worship, responsive readings; traditional, non-traditional, etc.). The “Conversations” are often lead by the Pastoral Staff, but are also the many voices of all the people (sermons, homilies, presentations, lectures, testimonies, etc.). Multicultural, multigenerational, inclusive by nature, exclusive in Grace, and always with a focus on God’s worldview – God’s Vision of love for God’s creation through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

All other days of the week and times of the day – As God’s mission with humanity, the church is to be a place where God meets the needs of the community. One does not “go to church,” but one IS the church. Thus, the mission is everywhere and at anytime – either in the building (called “church”) or at the house or on the road or at the store, the park, the club, the bar, and/or wherever you sense the need, THERE is “church.” Wherever/whenever two or more are gathered, the church is there.